Investment Strategies

The foundation of our investment management services in Belmar NJ are based on a personal understanding of each client. What sets our services apart from the rest of the industry, is that we spend the time upfront to learn about who you are as both an investor and as an individual. Our conversations together help to design your custom investment strategy, based on your personal investing goals. We utilize modern financial technology for the research and implementation of each investment strategy, with Charles Schwab serving as custodian for client accounts. Our investment management services are comprised of three investment strategies.

Core Portfolio Strategy

This is a long-term, diversified asset-allocation strategy that can incorporate equities, bonds, cash, and alternative investments into a single portfolio.  The investment mix is tailored to the individual risk tolerance of each client and can range from 0% equities to 100% equities. The type of investment products that can be managed in the Core Portfolio Strategy includes exchange-traded funds, mutual funds, and individual stocks. This strategy incorporates an equity tilt towards sectors in domestic markets that tend to perform favorably given the U.S. position in the business cycle. Up to 25% of domestic equity exposure can be allocated to sector exchange-traded funds in this strategy. Clients in this strategy can provide input to their advisor regarding certain investments that they would prefer to be included and/or excluded to be managed by FinTech Wealth Management.

Concentrated Options Strategy

This is a short-term, non-diversified strategy primarily utilizing cash-secured put options to generate income. The client will work with their advisor to select, at a minimum, five (5) individual stocks in which cash-secured puts will be sold and a premium collected. Expiration dates of put contracts can be up to, but not exceed, two (2) years in duration. The advisor may buy back to close put contracts prior to expiration at their discretion. At the time put writing is initiated, the break-even price of the contract (strike price minus premium collected) must be at least 10% below the current share price of the underlying security. This strategy can also incorporate long put options as a hedge and/or covered call options against long stock positions at the discretion of the advisor. 

Fixed Income Strategy

This is a long-term, non-diversified fixed income strategy that can utilize individual bonds and exchange-traded funds.  Clients will work with an advisor to determine the duration, credit quality, and potential yield of available bond investments to customize a fixed income portfolio, managed by FinTech Wealth Management.

The challenges you face along the path to your financial goals are unique. We invite you to begin a conversation with us today, to analyze where you are currently with your investment strategy, and to see how our advice can provide added value.

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